Social Media As A Business Marketing Tool

Many of us will have a social media account of one type or another, but lots of our businesses do not realise just what a great tool social media can be for thier marketing campaigns.

Just think – where else can you get the opportunity to really interact with your target demographic on the same scale?  At a business exhibition perhaps, or in a physical store if you have one, but social media really does offer a unique chance to learn and discover more about your target audience than ever before!

The great thing about advertising on social media is that you can tailor your ad right down to specific groups of people, specific interests, ages, locations and genders.  It allows great control over who gets to see your advert which makes it a very powerful advertising tool.

Your money can be spent in a wise way, with a specified group being targetted to see your ad, who are much more likely to be interested in your services and goods.

What is SEO?What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is a range of tools and techniques used by businesses to boost their website rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo