Should You Use Paid Marketing Techniques?

Most SEO specialists have a good knowledge of PPC (pay per click) and actively try to get their customers away from this paid form of marketing – there simply isn’t a real need for it in today’s world!  SEO with organic means should be enough to make a big difference to your search engine visibility alone, without the need to spend a fortune on PPC budgets too.

PPC is a form of sponsored advertising where your listing can be placed higher up on Google for a fee, which is paid each time someone clicks on your link.  The cost per click varies depending on the industry and how competitive the keyword is.  Some are only a matter of pence per click, however some keywords are incredibly valuable and are worth a fortune per click!

Recomdations are to speak to an SEO specialist about whether your brand would benefit from a short PPC campaign (particularly if you are a new site or have been hit by poor quality SEO previously).