Implementing an Effective PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click is a highly effective marketing tool introduced by Google to allow business to pay for coveted sponsored spots on the search results pages for their website and keywords.  PPC is by no means a long term answer to ranking highly on Google, however it does allow businesses to make some quick wins and get more visitors to their site.

The most important thing to know about PPC is that is does not guarantee higher sales.  If you get lots more people to your site, the liklihood of them purchasing is going to be increased, however if the content is not great, the customer is unlikely to purchase.  PPC gets people through the door, but it cannot make people buy things!  Make sure you get the content on your site right before you start your PPC campaign.

It is important to get an experienced and qualified PPC account manager to help you establish your campaign – Google AdWords Certified individuals are more likely to get better results from the campaign than someone who hasn’t really used it before.