Helping Your Clients to Understand SEO

SEO is a complex beast, and it is not always easy for clients to understand the purpose of SEO, or what it does!  Here’s some advice to help you explain SEO to your clients.

SEO should be broken down into two parts: Optimisation and Authority.  This includes terms such as “site” and “search engine”, best for clients who already know a little bit about the internet.

How Optimisation Relates to SEO

Your client needs to know that optimisation allwos search engines to read the website, and evaluate it.  You could explain that optimisation allows a search engine to read the content of your website. The search engine will then display your site in the results when someone searches for the keywords that appear on your site.

Authority and SEO

Your client also needs to understand that having authority proves to the search engine that his or her website is the best website. For example, you could say the more authority your website has, the higher up on the search results it will be. Having your website appear on others will prove to the search engine that your site is better than all others on the same topic.  Basically, SEO is two things: allowing search engines to display your website when people search for it, and convincing search engines to place it before other sites in the results.