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The data network is the home to understanding areas of the ever growing digital marketing mix. Our consultants that are based throughout the UK and United States have helped small businesses really strive to achieve their desired goals, growth and improvements online. Whether that requires us to research into a technical or niche industry or perhaps provide consultancy advice on the ever growing list of marketing activities that your business may proceed in, we can help.

About Us

You can check out our About Us page, but in short, we are a group of 10 digital marketing consultants that have operated in the field of online digital resources for companies as large as Microsoft, to that of a small one man band providing grass cutting services. We have a diverse range of skills in our portfolio, from ensuring we hold good knowledge of advertising online via Google AdWords and Bing Ads, along with creating effective email marketing blasts.

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Getting the SEO Agency Right

Choosing a reputable and experienced SEO agency will make a huge difference to your SEO campaigns for your business, with many good companies having the expertise in getting local businesses more easily found on local searches. For instance, if you are based in the Leicestershire area, then an SEO agency Leicester can help you to specialise in your local area for your keywords. This is especially useful for businesses in Leicester who wish to dominate their localised market share, getting right on top of all the competition!
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Crafting the Best Content

Getting the website of your dreams together is easy when you are in contact with a great web development agency - DEV Moves are well regarded as the best web developer in Pontefract, with teh skills to produce almost any website design using a range of devices, content management systems and bespoke code. Experienced in CSS programming, Java Script and PHP development, the team can bring your web development dreams into reality!

Getting a Listing on a Web Directory

type your business item or administration into Google Sort distinctive approaches to request your business or administration (i.e. puppy mentor, puppy preparing, puppy dutifulness preparing, and so on.) Rundown all the professional resource sites that show up in the initial two pages of hunt Go to every site and attempt and find on the off […]

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What Caused the Drop in Traffic?

As website owners, we keep an eye on the visitor numbers to the site, and usually expect to see this number either grow or stay roughly the same month on month.  It can happen sometimes that the traffic drops to the site.  What causes this? Sometimes it is purely a seasonal issue – if you […]

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Making a Career Out of Marketing

Simply pondering influencing a vocation to out of system marketing can be an exceptionally scaring prospect, particularly in the event that you have no past understanding. There is a long way to go and a considerable measure to involvement to ensure you are on the correct way. Simply pondering influencing an a profession to out […]

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Helping Your Clients to Understand SEO

SEO is a complex beast, and it is not always easy for clients to understand the purpose of SEO, or what it does!  Here’s some advice to help you explain SEO to your clients. SEO should be broken down into two parts: Optimisation and Authority.  This includes terms such as “site” and “search engine”, best […]

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is a range of tools and techniques used by businesses to boost their website rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  SEO is important for websites in order to get them more visible to their target audiences, and good SEO techniques can make a […]

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Choosing the Right Theme for Your Site

If you have a WordPress site, you will know all about the great range of themes available for you to use.  There are literally thousands of free web themes for WordPress users to install, allowing for almost limitless designs and functionality. Choosing a theme is important, as the theme is what makes the site look […]

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Implementing an Effective PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click is a highly effective marketing tool introduced by Google to allow business to pay for coveted sponsored spots on the search results pages for their website and keywords.  PPC is by no means a long term answer to ranking highly on Google, however it does allow businesses to make some […]

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Using Paid for Advertising Effectively

Paid advertising through search engines such as Google and their PPC advertising is a great way to quickly generate more visitors and sales through your website.  PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it is a highly effective tool for advertising your site. Normally, websites have to use organic SEO techniques to get their websites […]

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Making Your Pages Rank Well

Getting your pages to rank well on search engines is a tricky task – there are lots of aspects which go towards the ranking algorithm which Google et al use.  It is important to separate the different aspects first. Content The content of your pages is one of the most important factors.  You need to […]

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Should You Use Paid Marketing Techniques?

Most SEO specialists have a good knowledge of PPC (pay per click) and actively try to get their customers away from this paid form of marketing – there simply isn’t a real need for it in today’s world!  SEO with organic means should be enough to make a big difference to your search engine visibility […]

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Web Design for Schools

If you are looking for a school website to be built, it might be worth looking for a company who specialise in bespoke web design for schools. A specialist education focused design and marketing agency will in the long run, provide greater industry returns for your school compared to that of a traditional marketing agency that may be used. This way you can ensure the site will match the requirements of the school whilst functioning well and looking beautiful.